Estate Planning

There are many different life events that may spark an interest in personal estate planning – the addition of a new family member, the onset of an unexpected illness or injury, or arriving at retirement.

But no matter what sparked your interest in estate planning, we all want one thing: peace of mind that when we pass away, everything we leave behind will be passed forward to benefit the people we love.

How an estate planning attorney can help

An estate plan attorney does not make the final decisions regarding your estate plan, but we are able to provide a lot of value by:

  • Helping you know the options with your estate plan and what choices are in your best interests
  • Understanding how estate taxes will come into play and how to minimize their cost
  • Ensuring that your estate plan meets the local laws and guidelines

Our attorneys have worked with clients whose Utah estate plans cover all sorts of circumstances. Regardless of your financial status or family situation, we can help you formalize an estate plan that will meet your needs.

You may already have a basic Utah estate plan in place. However, our estate planning attorney can help you revise your financial plan if your circumstances have changed.

Work with our South Jordan estate planning lawyer

At the end of the day, an estate plan accomplishes one main purpose: peace of mind. Working with an estate plan attorney is one of easiest ways to guarantee that everything is set up properly.

We offer a free consultation visit, so if you’re interested in putting your estate plan together, you have nothing to lose by calling to set up a visit today. Schedule your appointment by calling our office today at (801) 849-0919 or using the contact form at the bottom of each page.