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salt lake city Bicycle Accidents

Salt Lake City Bicycle Accident Attorney

The roadways in Salt Lake City can sometimes get cluttered. Many local residents enjoy riding their bicycles for fun. But other also depend on their bikes to get from Point A to Point B. Although cyclists must obey many of the same rules of the road as those who drive cars and trucks, they are far more vulnerable to accident injuries. My name is Christian Burridge and I am a Salt Lake City bicycle accident attorney. Each year, hundreds of people suffer serious injuries in bicycle accidents. Many of these accidents are caused by the negligence of other drivers. Just one bicycle accident can result in a life-altering catastrophic injury. It is vital to recover the proper compensation to account for your medical bills, damages, lost wages along with your pain and suffering. The first step is to seek representation from an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer that can help.

The Scary Statistics of Bicycle Accidents

Countless people throughout Salt Lake City ride their bikes each day on busy streets. Although there are more safety laws and better equipment to protect cyclists, the amount of bicycle injuries has significantly increased between 2007 2015. During that time, 818 bicycle riders were killed in accidents. It is the highest number since 1995. The consequences go beyond just injuries. Injury treatment and hospital stays can cost the average person thousands of dollars in medical expenses. But here are some other costs to think about.

    • The cost of prescription and over-the-counter medication


    • The cost of hiring a caregiver


    • Lost wages from time missed at work


    • Public transportation costs


    • Counseling to address emotional trauma from a bicycle accident


  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Do the math and it is a staggering amount of money. Unfortunately, many people who suffer serious injuries in bicycle accident do not properly understand their rights. But if your injuries were the result of negligence, you are entitled to seek compensation.

A Salt Lake City Bicycle Attorney Can Help

Since 2003, I have successfully represented countless men and women who have been injured in bicycle accident in Salt Lake City. Each client is different and so are the circumstances with each case. The legal team at the Christian Burridge Personal Injury Law Firm takes an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help place each client in the best position to succeed. I closely examine the details of each case. Everything from the police report to a complete analysis of injuries will be used to formulate an effective strategy to help each client achieve their goals.

Many personal injury lawyers are only concerned with representing the client in court. The legal professionals at the Christian Burridge Personal Injury Law Firm can do so much more. When it comes to representing accident victims, we place an emphasis on helping them seek the best treatment. Your welfare and recovery is always our concern. It is part of our complete commitment to always place the needs of the client first.

Contact a Salt Lake City Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

When a person has been in a bicycle accident, they may not be in right physical or mental condition to deal with their legal issues. Attorney Christian Burridge understands the daily challenges and obstacles accident victims face. He and his staff work diligently both in the courtroom and behind the scenes to help clients achieve the best possible results. To learn more on how a Salt Lake City bicycle accident attorney can help, contact the Christian Burridge Personal Injury Law Firm today and schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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